Monday, July 27, 2009

Blueberry Buttercream Frosting

When I was first experimenting with making the Cookie Monster Cupcakes, I originally envisioned making a blueberry buttercream frosting and icing out fur with my grass/hair tip (#133). Blueberries have such a deep blue on the outside that I really like, but the inside is that sort of icky color. Ok, no big deal - I have blue food coloring.

Well, I ended up making somewhat of a mess. I made the swiss meringue buttercream frosting recipe from Martha, thinking that I could just add blueberries like I just added rasperries for my dreamy creamy raspberry buttercream. Um, wrong! Surprisingly, the little blueberries would just NOT be pulverised by my electric mixture. It reminded me of that exercise in physics class where try as you might you can't crack an egg in the palm of your hand (try it! put an egg in one hand and try to crush it with that hand). Anyway, that meant that I had to smoosh every last blueberry by hand and then mix it up.

The end result was pretty good and still pretty. I added a little bit of confectioner's sugar to taste so that it wouldn't be too tart. And due to the pulp and seeds I obviously couldn't use a fine decorating tip. I simply used an offset spatula to spread them on cupcakes.

So, in summary:
  • Blueberry buttercream is yummy!
  • Smoosh blueberries by hand before mixing it in (I added a handful at a time until I got a flavor that I was happy with)
  • You may need to add a little extra sugar (to taste) so it's not too bitter
  • There is no need for blue food coloring (although I used a teeeeensy bit, as you can see from my pictures)

I didn't end up using the blueberry buttercream for Cookie Monster, but it's a nice option for a summery cupcake. The blueberry pulp also adds a nice texture to the buttercream.

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