Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Family of Owls

There is something really cute about creatures with big eyes...

These cupcakes were inspired by the book Hello, Cupcake!, and my roommates did most of the heavy lifting decorating them. They focus more on the decorating aspect than the recipe itself. I don't really like giving up one aspect for the other. I want my cuppies to taste great AND look great.

The problem with the Hello, Cupcake! book is that they often require one or two pieces of a specific (and sometimes expensive) candy, and it's no fun to buy a whole bad of something only to use part of it.

Here's how to make the owls with only frosting, oreos, and m&ms:

For each owl:
  • Two mini-chocolate sandwich cookies (ie, oreos)
  • Three chocolate covered candies, two for the eyes and one for the beak. Tip: some large grocery stores like Meijers sell bulk candy, so you can pick out just the colors you want.
  • chocolate frosting
  • one cupcake (large or smal! It's fun to mix up the sizes so you get a family)
  1. Take an off-set spatula or a regular knife to frost a bottom layer of frosting on the cupcake.
  2. Carefully separate one of the cookie sandwiches so you get two separate cookies, one with icing on one side and the other just plain cookie. This may take some experimenting. Unfotunately, you may just have to eat all of the "mess-ups."
  3. Take the plain separated cookie and cut (or carefully break) it in half. These will be the supports for the ears
  4. Place each half on the outside of the cupcake where you would like the ears to be and have part of the cookie hanging off so the ears poke out (like in the picture above)
  5. Take the other full sandwhich cookie and carefully pull it apart like before so the icing on the inside remains on one side of the cookie.
  6. Place the two round cookies with icing on the cupcake as eyes.
  7. Take a small dab of frosting to attach two m&ms for the pupil of the eye
  8. Take the other m&m and place it perpendicular to the cupcake as a beak. It's fun to experiment with colors :)
  9. Pipe chocolate frosting onto the cupcake as "fur." This can be easily done by filling a large zip-lock bag with frosting. Carefully cut a small corner of the bag (approximately 1/8 inch) to create a small opening. Squeeze from the top of the bag slowly to pipe out frosting. Apply pressure and pull up quickly while releasing pressure to have the icing stand up like fur. Cover the ears in this fashion, and add to the face as you wish to create personality to each different owl

Ta-da! Owls. They were almost too cute to eat.... almost.....

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