Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello, Bloggerland & Hi-Hat Cupcakes

I am Carly. I love cupcakes. I think about them constantly. I currently own 5 cupcake recipe books and 3 cupcake decorating books. I even wrote down in my notebook the following: "The treatment for HELLP syndrome is immediate delivery of the cupcakes." What?! The correct answer is fetus. It makes me wonder how much of my medical education is actually entering my brain...

This is my blog to share my baking adventures with anyone who (like me) loves looking at pictures of cupcakes and gets excited thinking about the infinite permutations possible when creating and decorating cuppies.

Today I made Hi-Hat cupcakes from the book "Cupcakes!" (which, surprisingly enough, I don't own) with Jodi and her two adorable sons. They acted as quality control while Jodi and I created what we hoped would be delish chocolate and marshmallow cuppies.

The recipe calls for dipping the frosted cupcakes into melted chocolate to make them look like "hi-hats." Unfortunately, it was somewhat of a disaster, with marshmallow cream falling all over the place (our quality control helpers criticized us). With some experimenting, we finally got some of the cupcakes completely covered in chocolate, and had some fun being a little more creative with others.

Here's how it turned out:

I anticipate changing from a cell phone camera to a real camera at some point....

The recipe is available from Martha Stewart here. (do people like it better when the recipe is all typed out on the blog???)

If you can't get the frosting to stay on the cupcake, you can alwasys just place the cupcake on a cooling rack with a plate underneath and use a spoon to cover the cupcake in chocolate topping. Or, you can use a spoon to make fun Jackson Pollock-type designs, or a toothpick to make polka-dots.

Thanks for reading :) We'll see how frequently this gets updated as my first shelf test gets closeer!


  1. What a cute blog!! I'm so impressed! The pix look great! Quality control was hilarious. (Um, there's still white stuff in the corner of your bowl. Also, that looks like poop.)

  2. awesome!! you started a blog for cuppies! looking forward to following it :)

  3. aw this made me smile
    im carly and love cupcakes too...only my blog is about my illustration, take a look



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