Monday, July 13, 2009

Hosting Your Own Cupcake Party!

I'm back from a lovely weekend in NYC for my cousin's wedding, which was absolutely beautiful. There were thousands of roses there, which made me sad that I didn't live close enough to take a small garden of them home with me and also made me start thinking about the rosewater pistachio cuppies that I love so much. Unfortunately, no cupcake making today since I have a lot of studying to do.

However! I was also inspired by the celebration to help you have your own cupcake party!

It's very easy, aside from all of the baking. Once you decide how many people you are going to invite, think about how many cupcakes each person would eat. I always make mini-cupcakes so that people can try different flavors. I usually have about 4-5 different flavors (or at least different decorations). That means that I usually end up with over 150 mini-cupcakes, which takes forever to decorate! For that reason, mini-cupcakes en mass at my parties tend to be simply decorated (such as the Are You My Mother cuppies).

Here are some helpful steps:

  1. Pick a theme where it will be easy to make different flavors of cuppies or different theme-related decorations. Here are the themes that I have done before: cocktail cupcakes (pina colada, strawberry daiquiri, champagne and strawberry, etc), Halloween creepcakes party (this party was more about cute decorating), and Spring into Cupcakes (spring themed, and springy decorations)
  2. Plan out your different cupcake selections and how many cupcakes you think that each person will eat. Is your party after dinner? Plan for more. Is your party in the middle of a hot summer afternoon? Maybe serve cupcakes and ice cream. The possibilities are endless :)
  3. Send out invites (heh)
  4. BAKE. Most cupcakes store very well in an airtight container unfrosted for three days. I usually spread out the baking over a couple of days and then do all of the frosting and decorating the day of the party. Another way to make this easier is that if parts of the decorations can be made ahead, do it early. It's tough to spend hours baking and then host a party!
  5. Don't forget drinks! Ask your guests to help you out with this, if you like. My housemates and I have served home-made lemonade, water, iced tea, etc.
  6. Set up your cupcake display! I have one cupcake tree (which is in the picture above and below), but that's it. I like putting the cupcakes on colored plates. I don't put out all of the cupcakes at once. I just stay vigilant during the party and replace as needed.

I unfortunately don't have any good pictures from the creepcake set-up. The next picture is before all of the cupcakes were set up at the cocktail cuppy party:

The cloth is from Peru :) Pictured are Manly Cupcakes (Guinness with pretzel on top), strawberry daiquiri with pineapple and cherry on top, and then chocolate and banana (donated by friends as the "non-alcoholic" choice). Obviously, there was still a lot of setting up to do!

Another fun thing is to give your cupcakes different names and set up name tags. It makes it easier for your guests to let you know which cuppies they like best!

Aaaaand that's pretty much it! I find some good decorations for the parties in the dollar section of Target. We also usually play games as part of the party. Oh, and there is no need to worry that you will have leftover cupcakes :)

Let me know if you have a cupcake party and how it goes!


  1. Cool! I love the butterflies. How did you make them?

  2. The butterflies are made from melted colored chocolate melts onto wax paper (the idea came from the Hello, Cupcake! book). I'll probably blog about how to do that one in the future :)



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