Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sleeping Children Cuppies

It's a little hard to see, but she has a teddy gram tucked away with her on the left :)

When Michael was visiting, I told him to pick something out of the Hello, Cupcake! We did our own adaptation on some of the Guava Cupcakes that we made the day before.

Sleeping Children Cuppies

for each child...
  • fluffy white frosting
  • 1 mini vanilla wafer cookie (we used regular size)
  • 2 mini airhead candies or one regular airhead
  • Various colors of writing gel icing to decorate face (you can also just color your fluffy white frosting different colors)
  1. First you need to make the pillow and body that will be under the blanket. Try as I might, I just couldn't find any vegetarian marshmallows anywhere! If you are a pescatarian, Whole Foods sells them made from fish gelatin. Anyway, I thought some fluffy white frosting would work just as well. I used some from a can since so much work goes into the decorating and I was too tired to make it from scratch.
  2. Use a spatula to put icing in the corner of a large zip-lock bag. Cut approximately 3/4 of an inch long cut from the corner. Squeeze from the top of the bag down (like as with a tube of toothpase to makea pillow and a body. Neither need to be perfect since the body will be covered with a blanket and there will be a wafer cookie on the pillow for the head.

3. Place a vanilla wafer on the pillow for a head. If you are using large vanilla wafers like we did, you want to make sure that the cookie is over the cupcake, probably more so than as pictured below. Otherwise... you little sleeping child will loose its head!

4. Take the airheads and put them on a microwaveable plate. Tip: It makes a mess, and you will get candy stuck to your plate. It's best to use a disposable plate. Microve them for approximately 7 seconds (you will most likely have to play with the timing. You want the candy to be nice and pliable but not melted). Be careful! Hot airheads can be very hot.
5. Roll the airheads into a ball in your (clean!) hands. Place it on a clean surface and either smoosh it with your hands until it is about 1/8 thick or use a rolling pin. Take a knife to cut out a rectangular blanket to go over the body and cover most of the cupcake.
6. Decorate the blanket! I liked making a quilt-like pattern using a serrated knife by pressing the knife gently into the airhead blanket but not deep enough to cut it. You can also use unused bits of airheads to make the blankets multi-colored. Or use gel icing! Get creative!

Optional: If you had some teddy grams lying around, you can tuck those under the blanket with the child. AWWWWWWWW.

You can see the "quilted" pattern I made on this red blanket using a serrated knife

7. Carefully place the blanket onto the cupcake. Press the edges down so it won't fall off. The blankets we made as seen in the pictures were too long! They started to fall off the cupcakes! Make it so that your blankets are not over the edge of the cupcake.
8. Now decorate the faces! We used gel icing and various sprinkles to make faces. Some of them came out, well...... scary. We even had a vampire. I think that we got a little tired at the end so some looked messier than others.

Yay! Sleeping kiddies! Personally, I thought they looked a little creepy and no one wanted to eat them since they had so much candy on them. Oh well! They were still fun to make!

Here is most of the group! Michael made the one that has "Lil' Thug" on the blanket. It's hard to see at this angle but he has a purple mohawk.

This was our sleeping vampire. I didn't do a good job with the fang, but Michael did a good job with the hair!!!

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