Saturday, September 12, 2009

Carrot Cake Part Deux: Tropics Version

So this is my third recipe that I tried from Epicurious. What's the deal? Well, the iPhone has this nifty little Epicurious app. It's right next to my Epocrates app, so after I look up the pharmacokinetics of such and such drug I just check out Epicurious. You know, just in case they have posted a new cake recipe that could be fun to try out.

At any rate, last week when I was looking for a new carrot cake recipe to try, I found a highly rated tropical carrot cake. It took me a little while to gather up all of the exotic ingredients. Macadamia nuts are surprisingly difficult to find in Michigan.

I had quite a bit of fun with the recipe. I love coconut and pineapple, so I bought much more of it than I needed so that I could eat the leftovers :) I basically made the cupcake as posted here. I reduced the amount of salt and the ginger to only 1/2 cup. I topped them with a classic cream cheese frosting and used sweetened coconut and macadamia nuts as decoration.

I also had a blast photographing the cuppies. Sara purchased a watermelon, which was a fun backdrop for the little desserts.

Unfrosted cuppy

Cuppy on a watermelon

I think that it will be quite a while before I make carrot cupcakes again. Two carrot cupcake recipes in a week is a little much.

Oh, and proof to my mom and friends that I do get studying done despite all of the baking:

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