Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What's Up, Doc? Carrot Cupcakes

Jordan commented over the weekend that it's either "feast or famine" when it comes to my baking. When I have a little bit of free time, I like to take advantage of it and bake away... with some studying packed in while waiting for the cuppies to come out of the oven!

Despite the fact that I have an exam on the horizon, I felt that my attending's birthday was a good reason to sneak some baking in. He happens to enjoy carrot cake, which is even better since I have been searching for a carrot cupcake recipe that Jordan would like better than one of the local cupcakeries. I am very competitive, even with baking.

I had previously made carrot cuppies from a carrot cake recipe that my mom loves. I thought that it was pretty good, but I wanted to try something new. I made a carrot cupcake recipe from Epicurious.

It calls for adding an orange glaze, but I went with the classic cream cheese frosting. The Epicurious recipe (which is actually originally from Gourmet magazine) doesn't use pineapple, but the cakes are still quite moist and the ginger isn't too overpowering.

I unfortunately didn't have time to try my hand at piping little itty bitty carrots, so I improvised and used M&Ms that I had lying around to make carrot shapes on the cupcakes. It came out pretty good I think and took much less time than making icing.

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