Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Yes, I know that ice cream cone cupcakes have been done (many times) before.  But I have never made them before.  And I "happened" to have cones in my pantry.  And they are just so darn adorable.

It's very easy to make cupcakes that look like ice cream cones.  First, make your cuppies!  I used cake cones because they have a flat bottom, which makes them easier to bake, decorate, and serve.  I wrapped a cupcake tin in aluminum foil and poked holes in each depression where the paper normally sits.  I then pushed the cone through the hole in the foil so that they stood up, like so:

Then I made some cupcake batter.  I filled the cones full until about 1/4 of an inch from the top.  If you really want to be sneaky, you can put some chocolate chips at the bottom for a tasty surprise!  Then you bake them just like you normally would, although the baking time might be a little longer than normal depending on the size of the cone that you use. The cones do not burn, although if you drip batter on them the batter itself will burn.

I used a Wilton 1M tip with buttercream frosting to make the tops of the cupcakes look like soft serve ice cream.

You can use all different colors of frosting and sprinkles to make very attractive desserts.

Oooh, did you notice the blend of teal and white frosting on that front cone?  It's so easy to do!  You just need to stripe your bag.  All you need to do is add a stripe of colored frosting to your pastry bag:

Then you just fill the rest of your pastry bag with white (or whatever other color you want) and then the colors will swirl :)

Cupcake ice cream cones are very photogenic.  So I took about 1,000 pictures.  You can see the complete photostream on Flickr.

I used candy covered chocolate chips on these

The whole gang!

I actually made these to take to my classmates on one of our long lecture days.  They were a huge pain to transport to the hospital.  I tried to make a protective cocoon out of foil and plastic wrap:

If you look closely, you can see that there are cuppies in there:

Unfortunately, some of the cones still fell over in the car :(   People seemed to enjoy them nonetheless.  They are especially a good treat if you like frosting.  Some people took the frosting off and just dipped the cone in it.  They are cute, but they are not all that easy to eat!



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