Saturday, April 3, 2010

Baa Baa Cupcake's First Giveaway :)

I found these cupcake themed (non-edible) goodies a little bit ago and I wanted to share them with you, my readers!  I am just happy that you are there to read about my (mis)adventures in the kitchen.

If you're the *lucky winner* you will receive:

Cupcake lip gloss (this one is mine, yours will be a chocolate cupcake)

Cupcake magnetic listpad

Detail of the top of the notepad 

    Mod cupcake stamp

    "Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake" Cards (8, blank inside)

    Cupcake Journal (or recipe book maybe?)

    "Life is Uncertain, Eat Dessert First" magnetic weekly planner and shopping list

    And lastly... 
    Cupcake labels for envelopes! Sooooo cute.

    This is what the back of the box says: Sweet and scrumptious, this delicate box is filled with over 100 multipurpose peel-and-stick labels, including colorful cupcakes, ice-cream cones, and more!  I almost couldn't give it away... 

    How To Enter:  Leave a comment with your favorite cupcake flavor.  That's it! :) Just leave a way for me to contact you (either a blog link or email).  Unfortunately,this is  just for US addresses (I'm a student, you know how it is).

    Contest Ends: 
     Winner will be selected by Thursday 5:00pm EST, April 8th

    Contest is over!  The winner (selected by is..... #3!!

    Congrats,!  :)

    Thanks to everyone who participated!


    1. totally boring but a good old vanilla bean!

    2. One) I adore your site... too cute.

      Two) I am a big lover of making cupcakes as well..

      Three) I am big fan of chocolate, strawberry and chocolate with oreos baked in.


      Hannah Katy

    3. yay for giveaways! I have one coming up soon too. My favorite cupcake flavor is confetti cupcakes. Is that a flavor? I think it's just vanilla cake with sprinkles inside.

    4. yay giveaways and cute stuff!!
      i think your earl grey cuppies are my favorite (what can i say, i'm sentimental!) but a close second are matcha cuppies!!

      you know how to reach me :D

    5. hmm let's see, my favorite would have to be your chocolate brownie peanut butter cupcakes. nom nom nom.

      -libby (loyal baa baa cupcake reader and your henry ford apartment mate)

    6. Zuchinni Spice Cuppies :) Also poppy sead and orange zest cuppies :)

    7. one: I am so impressed with your blog and your ability to bake. I didn't know you could.

      two: next time your in town we should get together, its been ages. I miss you!

      three: my favorite cupcake is chocolate! =)
      ....if I win, you wouldn't even have to ship it. haha You could just bring it home with you!
      Hope you had a great passover!
      see you soon
      Alix Wilson

    8. One: I had no idea that you could bake, I am totally impressed.

      Two: The next time your in town, we should get together. It's been ages, I miss you!

      Three: My favorite cupcake is chocolate =)
      ...if I win, you wouldn't even have to ship it to me, you could just bring home with you next time! hehe

      Hope you had a good passover!

    9. I am in love with the S'mores cupcakes!!! They are great, great, great!!! Your patience and talent amaze me. I would love to be able to create like you do! Thanks for sharing!

    10. i love cupcakes but unfortunately have an non-working oven and can never bake them! so i really enjoy reading about baking cupcakes in general and love that you experiment with cupcakes!

      my favorite cupcake is red velvet. but all cupcakes can be generalized as favorites!

      here is a link to my blog.


    11. Oh my heck, I shouldn't check out your blog when I'm hungry! My favorite cupcake is funfetti with funfetti frosting. mmmmm delicious :) Anyway, you can contact me by e-mail or (if you like to read) you check out my blog, The Book Buff :) I'd love to win that cute cupcake stuff!

    12. I LOVE carrot cake cupcakes :)

    13. Oh I love this! Just got a puppy and named her Cupcake, her little tags came in the mail yesterday and I just about died with cuteness!

      I love French Toast and Lemon cupcakes from Yummy Cupcakes! mmmmmm

    14. Loved the S'more cupcakes, Carly! :-) Anything with Chocolate is good in my book. :)



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