Friday, April 16, 2010

A Big Cupcake for a Big Birthday


Mike celebrates his 30th birthday tomorrow, and I wanted to make him a special cupcake cake in my Big Top Cupcake mold.  As you might recall from a previous post, Mike likes vanilla with chocolate frosting cupcakes.  You probably don't know that he also has a dog named Marley.  I therefore wanted to put paw prints on the top of the cupcake and I thought that chocolate frosting wouldn't be ideal.  As a result, I decided to go with Oreo cake with Oreo frosting (recipe here).  Oh, and how about a little Oreo pudding in the middle to make it extra special?  Oreo-tastic!

Instant Oreo pudding

In order to fill the cake with the pudding, I just used a knife to cut out part of the base of the cake and filled it with the pudding.  Mmm... pudding.  I got the idea from one of the medical assistants that works in the family practice office that I'm at this month.  She said that it makes cake taste amazing.  :)

The extra cake that I left out for the roomies

I made the paw prints using color flow, a technique that I recently learned in my cake decorating class.  It's nice because it comes out shiny, but it's not as easy as just melting chocolate.  It takes a lot longer to harden, too.  I arranged the paw prints on the top part of the cake and took a step back.


I thought that it needed something else.... like frosting on the bottom part of the cupcake.  There is all of that hidden pudding, so I decided to use a little bit of yellow buttercream that I had leftover from my cake class to give a little color to the bottom half.


Ah, much better!  Happy birthday, Mike!  Hopefully you won't see this post until after your birthday dinner :)


  1. When I used my giant cupcake pan I used a cookies and cream theme too, haha!

    Looks delicious!



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