Friday, April 2, 2010

Cupcake Time

I am not too sure how Kevin got frosting on his pants.  Also, Rooney did not actually eat a cupcake. Boo.

You never know when an attack will strike.  You could be sitting in class.  You could be getting your haircut.  You could even be walking your cute little puppy dog.  And then all of a sudden: you just NEED a cupcake.


This frequently seems to happen with a group of my fun loving friends.  They were all out together last weekend and I was minding my own business making baby cheesecakes when the texts and voice messages started rolling in.  First, they wanted the cheesecakes, but alas they have to be chilled for at least 4 hours.  I had a very nice voicemail request from Mike asking for "vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles."

 (Interestingly enough, the Google Voice transcript was the following: "Hi Carly, my.  I want to come and we're at the gone down.  I would like the bye.  Yeah, but I'd like, Yeah, we only drank remember tell me what I what we know which other brother peace.  This is Doc and.  This is an arrest at the up, I'd be happy.  Yes."  It cracks me up to read the transcripts!)


How could I say no to some of my biggest fans?  I had just spent a few hours in the kitchen, so I made box mix cupcakes (ack, I know) and some really delish homemade chocolate frosting.  I used a Martha Stewart recipe as a backbone and just sort of kept messing with it until I had what I liked.  Next time I make it I'll actually measure things out so that I can post it :)


All in all, I had two dozen or so cuppies for the boys to munch on when they stopped by.  I could hear them pulling into the driveway yelling things like "CUUUUPCAKES."  I was probably smiling ear to ear.

No beard is going to stand in the way of Jordan and his cupcake

Besides, I love putting sprinkles on cuppies.

Fish Sprinkles

Oh, and my favorite part was that they wanted a group picture for the blog :)


Thanks, guys, for making my night! 


  1. I hope you are referring to Rooney not eating a cupcake because I definitely had one!

  2. It's so confusing with two Mikes! I'll clarify :)



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