Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthday Elephant

Birthday Elephant

Today is Anuja's birthday.  You may remember her from her photo cameo in Bollywood Cupcakes.  Anuja likes the color pink.  She also likes elephants (even though penguins are way cuter).  For her birthday, I made her a special cupcake featuring this little guy:


It was my first time making any sort of figure out of fondant.  I used the Wilton pre-colored fondant in pastels and used brown sprinkles for the eyes and tip of the trunk.  I wish that I had broken him down into steps so that I could show you how I made it... but I am not really sure what I did.  I started with the head and then just went from there.  I am very happy with how he turned out!

birthday polaroid


  1. What an adorable elephant!! I've never worked with fondant but I'd like to learn. Making cute little guys like this is such a talent.

  2. This is just too adorable! I love it!

  3. So cute!

    *you misspelled "eyes" as "yes"



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