Monday, December 20, 2010

Toy Soldier Cupcakes


When my friend, Karen, asked me if I would make cupcakes for her wedding rehearal dinner, I excitedly said yes.  Her fiancee, Owen, attended West Point.  She wanted to surprise him with cupcakes with toy soldiers on them and a cutting cake that looked like a tank. 


The cupcake part was easy.  Owen's favorite cake is yellow (it has always seemed weird to me that a flavor is a color) so I picked out Martha Stewart's Yellow Butter Cupcake recipe.  It had some yummy ingredients (namely butter) and also makes the perfect number of cupcakes that Karen requested (36).


The cupcakes were topped with vanilla buttercream frosting.  I used crushed pirouette cookies to make it look like the soldiers were on dirt.  It also made the cupcakes a little crunchy.  The toy soldiers were from a local dollar store and washed in warm soapy water before placed on each cupcake.


The cupcakes were a cinch to make (especially compared to the tank cake - great pictures of that to come) and well received by a surprised groom.  I feel so lucky to have been part of such an important event :)

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  1. These are adorable! I bet they would be great for a little bots birthday party too.



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