Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cupcakes at Tiffany's


Wedding season will soon be upon us (and hopefully spring, too).  I made these cupcakes for a Breakfast at Tiffany's themed bridal shower.  Half were plain vanilla and half were my rosewater pistachio cupcakes.


Although I liked the idea of making the frosting Tiffany's teal for all of the cupcakes, I thought that it would be a weird choice for the rosewater cuppies (sort of like green ketchup - a poor pairing of color and flavor).  For the rosewater pistachio, I used a small daisy fondant cutter to put small matching teal fondant flowers on top of the cupcakes that had been covered in sparkling sugar.


The most time consuming part of the cupcakes was the bows.  I made them the day before and left them out overnight to harden.  To make them, I first rolled out strips of fondant that were 1" wide and 4" long (I used the Wilton fondant mat to help with the measurements).  I then used a small dab of water on either end and folded the ends into the center to make the bow.  Be sure not to roll the fondant too thin or else it won't hold its shape.  If the bow loops still won't hold, you can always use a small piece of paper towel to hold them up while the fondant hardens.  I then rolled a small 1/2" strip of fondant to put in the center to make it look like a tied bow. 


These were so fun to make!  It's such an honor to be part of such a special time in my friends' lives.  There will be more wedding-related cupcake posts in the future as May gets closer.


  1. as always, they're beautiful!

  2. These are just so pretty. They look like any Bride's cupcake dream come true.

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. this teal is my absolute favourite at the moment! ps loved your wedding cupcakes post - got a wedding booked for 350 cupcakes!! eeeeeek!



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