Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Surviving intern year and still baking!

I know.  It's been ages since I last updated. Things have been pretty busy with my residency training but I have been able to do a little baking.  One of the more recent things I made were ghost brownies.  Last year I found some Reynolds Ghost Baking Cups in the grocery store.  They remained stored away, hiding and ready to spook someone at any moment.  It's sometimes hard for my to use my cuter cupcake liners, but what better time to make ghost brownies than Halloween!  Besides, days on the hospital wards are so long and I thought everyone could use a treat.  The brownies themselves are actually vegan and there recipe is from and can be found here.  I elected to make them without nuts.  

I then topped the brownies with some regular vanilla frosting with chocolate chips for eyes and mouths (it's hard to be a scary ghost without a face you know).

Ghost being enjoyed by my attending

The brownies went over well, although I actually never tried them since the recipe only made 11 ghosts.  It was my first time making vegan brownies. 

What's your favorite Halloween treat?


  1. i would have totally eaten the ghost with the straight face!!!! they look great :)

  2. my first vegan brownies went pear shaped I never tried again, but this recipe make me want to try again. Liking these ghosties - very different.



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