Friday, April 27, 2012

Ladybug cupcakes, revisited

Alright, I've done ladybug cupcakes before.  In fact, it was one of my very first blog posts!  That time, I used swiss meringue buttercream frosting and a special icing tip to make the grass.  Still want cute ladybug cupcakes without painstakingly creating grass?  Use green sugar!

First, ice your cupcake (if you want it to be very green, tint your frosting green as well).  Next, roll the the cupcake into a bowl with green sanding sugar like this:

Then, take some red m&m's and use either an edible pen or black writing gel that you can find at the grocery store and paint the candy to look like ladybugs. Yep, that's it! 

I brought these cuppies in for my last day in the intensive care unit.  It had been so long since I've done any baking for work!  It was a nice (and tasty) way to end a difficult month. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mini Bunny Cakes

I have always wanted to make petit fours.  You know, those mini cakes with endless layers covered in a smooth, shiny frosting layer, usually topped with some smal adorable flower or royal icing design.  When I discovered an adorable mini bunny silicone mold at Target, I knew that I had to try it!

First, I used a pound cake recipe to make the bunnies. Be sure to use enough baking spray or Wilton cake release so that your cute cakes don't stick into the mold.  Then, I covered the cakes in an apricot glaze to keep them nice and moist.

Next, I used Wilton's quick-pour fondant recipe (found here).  Place a cooling rack over a pan because you want to have the fondant pour completely over all sides of the cake.

After allowing the cakes to harden, I had some girlfriends over to help decorate them with some melted chocolate.

And then ta da! You have mini bunnies.

Honestly, they were far too sweet for me (which is most desserts), but that didn't stop Jeff from enjoying them.

Next up.... petit fours?  Probably not for a while - so many steps all for one bite of cake!


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